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A new Lidl store for

Arrowe Park Road, Upton


Lidl GB is seeking views regarding proposals for a new store on Arrowe Park Road in Upton.

Lidl would like to bring a brand-new, sustainable store to Upton, offering the highest quality products at the lowest possible prices.

Lidl has previously discussed obtaining part of the proposed site from Wirral Council, following acquisition of the former Fire Station and neighbouring properties.

Subject to agreement from the Council to purchase the land, a planning application would then be submitted. Before this, we would like your views on our proposals.

If you have any questions about the proposals, please email or call 0800 089 0361.

3D visual of proposed Lidl store 3D visual of proposed Lidl store

New store at Arrowe Park Road, Upton

Lidl is keen to bring high-quality, low-cost products to Upton. The site on Arrowe Park Road provides a great opportunity to do so, linking to existing footpaths and cycle routes and offering greater choice to local shoppers.

A planning application would be submitted to Wirral Council who will scrutinise our plans and assess the potential impacts of a Lidl store on local highways, nearby properties and the environment. Wirral Council will also consider what impact, if any, a Lidl store here will have on local shops in Upton village. We expect this to be minimal, however, given the close proximity to existing supermarkets.