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A new Lidl store for

Arrowe Park Road, Upton

About the proposals

We want to provide Upton residents with the highest quality products at the lowest possible prices.

The proposals include:

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A new Lidl store built to our very latest specification, including modern in-store facilities like Lidl’s popular bakery, a larger sales area, and customer toilets with baby changing facilities

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95 parking spaces including accessible and parent & child bays and cycle parking

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Around 40 jobs for local people including full and part-time roles. Lidl has recently announced increased pay for entry-level staff, who will receive £12.40 per hour starting pay from 1st June

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Enhanced environmental features including solar panels on the roof and rapid electric vehicle chargers in the parking area. Lidl has an ongoing commitment to enhance the sustainability of its stores

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Landscaping including retention of trees where possible and soft planting buffers around the site borders

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Enhanced footpaths and pedestrian crossings within the site and links to the existing footpath network

Proposed site plan