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Arrowe Park Road, Upton

About Lidl GB

Since establishing itself in Great Britain in 1994, Lidl GB has experienced continuous growth and today has over 31,000 employees, over 960 stores and 14 distribution centres in England, Scotland and Wales.

We take pride in providing our customers with the highest quality products at the lowest possible prices. Social responsibility and sustainability are at the core of our daily operations. We place a strong emphasis on our responsibility for people, society, and the environment. We are passionate about working with British producers and we source two thirds of our products from British suppliers.

Big on quality, Lidl on price

Lidl’s operation

Lidl first opened its doors in Great Britain in 1994 and currently has over 31,000 employees, over 960 stores and 14 distribution centres in England, Scotland and Wales. Lidl takes pride in providing top quality products at low prices.

The Lidl retail philosophy is focused on simplicity and maximum efficiency at every stage of the business, from supplier to customer, enabling the company to sell high quality own brand and well-known products at low prices.

Local jobs

Around 40 jobs for local people including full and part-time roles. Lidl has recently announced increased pay for entry-level staff, who will receive £12.40 per hour starting pay from 1st June

Lidl staff


We have pledged to invest £15 billion into British food and farming by 2025, with two thirds of our products coming from British suppliers, providing our customers with fresh, locally sourced, high quality produce at excellent value. 100% of our own-brand core eggs, milk, cream, butter, fresh beef and fresh primary chicken is British. We have signed the NFU Fruit and Veg Pledge and the Back British Farming Charter. All of our British fresh meat, dairy and fruit and veg is Red Tractor Assured.


Lidl GB sells over 100 different Fairtrade certified products throughout the year, from bananas originating from Colombia, tea picked in Kenya and cocoa for our chocolate, grown in Cote d’Ivoire. In addition to the products we sell all year round, we proudly support specific Fairtrade campaigns such as Fairtrade Fortnight.

Lidl produce


The proposed store will meet Lidl’s high sustainability standards which are intended to minimise environmental impact over the lifetime of the store.

  • Store heating and lighting systems are controlled by a computerised Building Management System (BMS) to minimise energy consumption.
  • Motion sensors throughout our warehouses minimise electricity consumption and flow control devices are used to limit excess water usage.
  • The car park lighting is switched off overnight and is controlled by a lux sensor during trading hours.
  • Lidl refrigeration plant has low carbon emissions ratings and operates without the need for chlorofluorocarbons. Chilled food cabinets use night blinds to save energy overnight.
  • All stock movement within stores is manual, avoiding unnecessary energy usage or noise pollution.
  • The Upton store will have 2 rapid Electric Vehicle charging points, which can charge a vehicle in 30 minutes.
  • Our delivery vehicles are used to remove waste from the store on their return journey to the nearest Regional Distribution Centre, where the waste/recyclable material is sorted and managed centrally. This also helps to reduce vehicle trips to each store.
  • Lidl are sector leaders in terms of recycling management with all cardboard and plastic produced from stores being recycled back into boxes and carrier bags, ready to be used again.